Senior text alerts
Senior Fee of $80 due July 1st
Fee covers cost of cap and gown & diploma and cover.
Cap and Gown Info
We have ordered only measured and ordered ONE - for M. Varnell.

Everyone Else:
Call 706.226.4446 and place order
Pick up at their office in Dalton May 5th or later (call ahead to make sure it is there) and pay
Will Need to know Height, Weight, School, choose Cap/Gown/Tassel $80 (also covers cost of diploma and cover)
If you need help paying for this, please let us know. Some people have offered donations since we have so much going on financially in the community.
Cap and gown photos and signing of Lock's gown will take place the day of graduation
You MAY decorate cap. If it is not school appropriate, we reserve the right to replace it with a plain one at graduation. If in doubt if ok, send us idea in advance.
We are planning to set the new graduation date by April 30th. The cap and gown needs to be ordered 4 weeks before the date of the graduation.

To order other graduation stuff from Jostens:
Senior Picture Information- Newspaper Deadline is May 10th

We want to get these in asap so that you can be recognized in other ways besides the usual grad pics in the newspapers

1 Alvarez, Aaron Saul YES
2 Beavers, Colby Eugene YES
3 Blackburn, Hannah Marie NO
4 Brannon, DeLana LaRay NO
5 Couch, Carter Lamar MCHS
6 Cudd, Benjamin Noah YES
7 Edgerton, Kaylee Shay YES
8 Flood, Lexus Marie YES
9 Green, Morgan Underclassmen-early grad
10 Haley, Jonathan Lee NO
11 Hamlin, Katelyn YES
12 Hazel, Robby Caleb NO
13 Hill, Michael Gavin YES
14 Johnston, Tanner Robert YES
15 Long, Devyn Adam YES
16 Morris, Kellivia Delainey NO
17 Olmstead, Quinton Dean NO
18 Springfield, Kali Shey YES
19 Tenney, Willie Tyler MCHS
20 Varnell, Makynlee Maddison YES

Senior Photo not sent to us? Get it to us.
Senior Photo Not Taken? Let me know and I will get with Fortenberry and see what we can come up with so you can be recognized