Pleasant Valley Alternate Learning Plan

Please follow our App, Subscribe to Remind by texting @pvis2020 to 81010, and check Social Media for info moving forward

Students, you may work in Apex if you have internet access at home, but you do not have to. You will not be negatively affected if you are unable to. Apex will not show yellow or red during this time. Your temporary password is Pioneers1. 

If you need any assistance or unlocks, please use the Messaging tool in Apex to message a teacher, Mr. Moore, Dr. Lock, or Mr. Strickland.

If you do not have internet access, work on the Choice board assignments found here If you complete and return it, we will provide credit in Apex. Choice boards will also be found on the school's front door and can be mailed if needed.

Upload Choice boards and non-Apex work here

All Choice boards will mailed during week one. Teachers will be calling you the week of April 6th to see if you need to continue having them mailed.

Please share with absent classmates

Please contact me via email or text at 706-463-8341 if you have any questions now or during non-school days.   

Cap and Gown Info
We have ordered only measured and ordered ONE so far- for M. Varnell.

Everyone Else:
Call 706.226.4446 and place order
Pick up at their office in Dalton May 5th or later (call ahead to make sure it is there) and pay
Will Need to know Height, Weight, School, choose Cap/Gown/Tassel $80 (also covers cost of diploma and cover)
If you need help paying for this, please let us know. Some people have offered donations since we have so much going on financially in the community.
Cap and gown photos and signing of Lock's gown will take place the day of graduation
You MAY decorate cap. If it is not school appropriate, we reserve the right to replace it with a plain one at graduation. If in doubt if ok, send us idea in advance.
We are planning to set the new graduation date by April 30th. The cap and gown needs to be ordered by July 1st. 

To order other graduation stuff from Jostens:

Information about final grades, new Cap and Gown Deadline is July 1st promotion/graduation, and grading will be released on April 30th.         

Thank you, Dr Lock

PVIS Staff Digital Office Hours

Hours in Which You Can Expect the Quickest Response

Principal Dr. Jenny Lock 3pm-7pm Email/706.483.8341
Assistant Principal Mr. Strickland 7am-11am Email / Apex
Counselor Mr. Moore 11am-3pm Email / Apex
Check & Connect Coach Fortenberry 4pm-7pm Email / Apex
Lead Bridge Teacher Mrs. Hall 7am-10pm Email / Apex
Lead ESS Teacher Mrs. McClary 12pm-3pm Email / Apex
Math Teacher Mr. Bryant 8am-11am Email / Google / Apex
ELA Teacher Ms. Russell 11am-2pm Email / Apex
Science Teacher Mrs. Hammond 11am-2pm Email / Apex
Social Studies Teacher Mr. Dycus 9am-12pm Email / Apex
Electives Mrs. Bryant 10:00am-1:00pm Email / Apex
Attendance Mrs. Parmer As Needed Email / Apex
Front Office Mrs. Parker As Needed Email / Apex


Apex and Teacher Assistance Policies for School Closings

All courses:  The number of attempts for quizzes is at 2 instead of 1. This will allow a student to try to pass a quiz twice before it locks down and needs a teacher’s input to open or move on. All CST’s except the Course Final are open.  Hopefully this change will keep. We had changed it yesterday and this morning for some reason all the CSTs were locked.  We have tried a different way to unlock, so hopefully it will work.  If not, students will have to ask for a CST to be opened. 


High School Prescriptive Courses:  We have taken the Pre-test requirement out.  In other words, when a student completes a Unit, it should move them to the next Unit’s first activity. All courses are set to 2 attempts for quizzes and all CSTs are open except for final.


High School Non-Prescriptive Course:  All non-prescriptive courses are set to 2 attempts for quizzes and all CSTs are open except for final


Middle School Course:  If a student makes 60% or higher on any activity, Apex will move them forward.  The number of attempts for quizzes is now 2 instead of 1.  All CSTs are open except for final


Elective Courses:  All elective courses are set at 2 attempts instead of 1 for quizzes.   All CSTs are open except for final.


Teacher Availability: Unlock and assistance requests can be expected to be answered same day if requested Mon-Fri 8:30-2:30. If outside these hours, it may be the next day. Weekend requests may be as late as Monday.