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The History of PVIS

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     Pleasant Valley Innovative began operation at the beginning of 2007-2008 school year as Mountain Creek Academy. It is located in Eton, Georgia and is housed in the old Eton Elementary School building on Harris Street. The building was constructed in 1938 and housed elementary students for 59 years until the fall of 1997. The front of the building faces East with a beautiful view of both Fort Mountain and Grassy Mountain.

     In 1998 a section of the building was transformed into the Murray County Alternative School as an alternative education facility for middle and high school students. The original alternative school was created in an effort to isolate students that may need removed from the regular educational setting into a smaller school with individual educational opportunities.

     Mountain Creek Academy replaced the alternative school in the fall of 2007 and also began offering educational opportunities for students that want to enroll as volunteers in a small group setting.

In 2015 the school was renamed Pleasant Valley Innovative for the history of the area and the change from primarily a school of discipline students to a school of volunteers. Pleasant Valley Innovative specializes in offering a small group educational setting for at-risk students who may have a need for small class sizes, individualized instruction, and higher achievement opportunities.


Our purpose as a school is to provide students multiple ways to receive a high school diploma. It is our desire to instill within our students the desire to learn, to graduate from high school, and to become productive citizens.